Home Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service

At Impressive Cleaners & Laundry, we wash, tumble-dry, and fold all types of garments. If you can wash it at home then we can wash it for you. We separate your clothes as per colors and whites and wash the colors with cold water and whites with warm water. Most importantly, we wash your clothes by themselves and we sanitize our washers between each load. Then we tumble dry your clothes and neatly fold them ready to be put away.

Now you can check laundry off your chore list! We also offer many upgrades for detergents and fabric softeners to give you a customized service that can be tailored to all your needs.Our standard turnaround time is two business days Monday through Saturday. We also offer mobile dry cleaning, dry cleaning, delivery, pickup, washingfolding and other household-related services. 



Home Laundry Wash & Fold (10lb Order Minimum Charge):

  • $1.99 Per Pound Wash, Dry, & Fold

Home Laundry Upgrades

  • Tide +12¢/lb
  • Gain +12¢/lb
  • Persil Pro +15¢/lb
  • All Free Clear +15¢/lb
  • Woolite +20¢/lb
  • Downy Liquid Fabric Softener +12¢/lb
  • Add Oxi Clean +12¢/lb
  • Tumble Dry Low +20¢/lb

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